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...all together and not without her.



Video cover art

Graphics: Doug Malloy




 Travel Interlude

Taken in the private section of Travel Town due to the connections of our friend and photographer.

Photographer: Robert Baxt






Bobbi would get into the box and I inserted seven swords. Then I opened the door to show she had vanished. Then I pulled out all the swords and Bobbi popped out of the top unharmed. Audiences loved it!

However, I am always reminded of T.A. Waters' observations concerning the swordbox:

"Either she's a contortionist, in which case where is the magic? Or you are putting swords into an empty box. Again, where's the magic?"

This is the very first illusion we bought. We purchased it from Foxwell. It is held together now by sheer imagination.





This is a rare performance photograph taken during a show while in Singapore.

Photographer: Duane Laflin




Early Headshot

Photographer: Al Sandoval





Very First Show Together

Unlike our first paid show this was the very first time Bobbi and I worked together onstage. This was a charity event through our good friend Steve Silverman.

The cast of characters behind us: Michael Richman, Will Chandler, Toni Picasso, David Steinhart and Steve Silverman.

We closed with the swordbox. The entire show took place in a small 10' x 12' office space.

I have no idea how that happened.







First Headshot

Originally this was not intended as a publicity shot but it became our very first headshot ever.

It is based on a photo of Charles Laughton and Elsa Lanchester.

Photographer: Richard Andert





The Trunks

Our signature piece.

This was created by Craig Dickens as a Vampire Illusion for his show in Chicago. It was based on an idea he saw on the TV show BLACK'S MAGIC in which Jim Steinmeyer consulted. We bought the illusion from Craig Dickens. It originally it resembled a film camera on a tripod with camera cases underneath.

We got rid of the tripod and the camera. Then changed the camera cases to expensive luggage. Since the original production was gone we had to invent a new one. Bobbi eventually created her own method and in full speed could be produced in three seconds!

(Notice Godfrey in between)

Photographer: Mark Teuffel






Malibu Beach at seven o'clock in the morning just before the BAYWATCH crew arrived. Bobbi was such a trooper but she was very cold. The beach was very deserted at that early hour but it created a wonderful backdrop. Thank you to Craig Dickens for his technical support.

Photographer: Jeff Peters




First Paid Gig

Bobbi energetically appears out of the Victory Carton Illusion.

Our first paid show was MAGICAL MONTAGE. Producers Jim Spencer and Shirley Lorraine took a chance and hired us based on a poor demo tape. We opened the show: flash appearance portal, victory carton illusion, feather rings, light pentration and the swordbox. Most of the props we borrowed from Craig Dickens.

Also appearing: T.C.Tahoe, Loren Christopher Michaels, Shawn McMaster, Paul Dwork, Jim Spencer, Shirley Lorraine, Michael Laprade and Jonathan Trusty.

Our act was good but hardly note worthy.

Two years later we returned armed with the beginnings of our real act and stole the show.












Magic In Swingtime

We produced our own show at Masquer's Cabaret, a supper club in Beverly Hills. It was a very gratifying show creatively. There were no other acts in the show and no illusions. Bobbi and I performed some straight stand up comedy, manipulation and Bobbi even performed some solo pieces.

Stage Managers: Jeff Peters and Mark Nelson.

Graphic design: James Dimmare






Zig Zag

A performance at Beacon Light Chapel years before we met. This illusion is called Zig Zag for obvious reasons.