Is it You?
"I met a most interesting person this evening."
First entry in my journal: June 20, 1984 Arlington, Texas

Desparate for work I found a Pizza Hut within walking distance of my apartment. Remarkably Bobbi had just transfered to this store less than a one month ago. Neither of us was looking for a relationship but we were drawn to each other. Initially we were fascinated that we held so many common interests. My first night at work she mentioned out of the blue she had tickets to see Richard Harris in Camelot. I was a fan of musicals and rarely met others with that interest.

It was just the beginning.

 She Started It

After days of dancing around our obvious attraction Bobbi coyly mentioned she was going to Denny's after work. She did not ask me to join her but made the statement while looking directly at me. We sat for hours and talked. Although Denny's was conveniently next door. Her favorite restaurant was Chili's. We also frequented another restaurant called China Rose. It was decorated like the streets of Hong Kong. We dined in a cafe setting while above us were windows, fire escapes and drying laundry. Sounds of the distant harbor mingled with the noise of traffic and the city. It was a very magical place. We would sit for hours and drink hot tea and stare at each other. I am sure the wait staff loved us.



A Quiet Romance

Since we worked together we did our best to remain professional but we had our moments. Often during our shift one of us would secretly play "Stuck on You" on the jukebox. As the first chords of the song began we locked eyes across the room. At that moment in our hearts the restaurant was empty and only we two remained. Sadly the Pizza Hut on the corner of Pioneer Parkway and Cooper is gone.
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"Hello, I Don't Even Know Your Name"
On August 3, 1984 I called Bobbi at work. Our brief conversation was strained due to her deteriorating relationship with the female manager. I asked her to join me after her shift. It was very convenient that I lived next door. Our conversation ended on an awkward note and I felt I had upset her. In a clumsy attempt to apologize I ran out and bought some flowers and left them on her car. I attached a note that I would be back at my apartment at midnight. I returned early and expected her to be waiting at my apartment door. I assumed she had gone home since she was no longer at work.
I drove to her house but she wasn't home. At the time I was unaware her family was out of town. When I returned to my apartment I got an idea and called Denny's. I spoke to a waiter and discovered she had been there and that she had been crying! On an impulse I drove again to her house. A block from her house we passed each other on the street near the park (pictured above). After another awkward conversation I waited apprehensively on her porch. Minutes later Bobbi returned with a friend in need of a place to sleep. Inside he explained his troubles and as we listened Bobbi insisted I sit next to her and hold her hand.

Later she told me she had gone by my apartment and seen my bedroom light on. I did not answer my phone or come to the door. She assumed that was my way of telling her goodbye. That night she asked me to "never leave her". I promised.

We made love for the first time that night and spent the next three days and nights together. It is difficult to describe but in our hearts we merged. We were married in spirit and body. She affectionately referred to those days as "the week" and we talked about it for a long time.

The quote for this heading are the beginning lyrics of a Johnny Mathis song entitled

 "The Last Time I Felt Like This".
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We played this song and stared into each other's eyes captivated by this deep feeling that we did not fully understand.
Our romance had grown so quickly we hardly noticed.
Suddenly we were in love.

 The McNary Home in Arlington, Texas