Don Knotts

At a book signing.

Bob Jardine

Our first Christmas party in our apartment in Eagle Rock.

Bob is handing her his characiture lapel pin.

Whit Haydn

A politcal conversation opponent.


Her favorite dog from childhood.


Dressed as a "little girl" for Halloween at DALT's Restaurant.

Jack Goldfinger

Always a positive word from this man of magic.

Gordon Peters

At my father's home in Port Aransas, Texas.

Craig Dickens, Max Maven and James Dimmare

Party at the Magic Castle on my last day as a manager/host.



Rick Marcelli, Craig Dickens, Don Wayne, Bruce Gold and Joe Monti

Bruce Gold's birthday party at DALT's Restaurant. What a collection!

Annabel Gray, Billy McComb and Pete Matuska

New Year's Eve 1998



Bill Dion

A clever remark from our dear friend Bill Dion on our wedding day.



Lance Burton

After his show at the Hacienda Hotel in Las Vegas.

Mark Nelson


A dear friend and supporter.

Celebrity Encounters


Bobbi came to pick me up at The Improv on Melrose and while she stood in the doorway Robin Williams barged past her and stepped square onto her foot. The nearby crowd froze and she said you could almost hear them chanting "Lawsuit, lawsuit, lawsuit."

Anthony Hopkins met her at a theater and was quite taken with her. At the time he was experiencing marital difficulties. He invited her to his house for dinner and even called her long distance from Australia while filming. She said they talked about his wife and children and problems on the set.

While at Residuals, a bar in North Hollywood, Tony Danza hit on her.

While working as the manager at Humphrey Yogarts in Sherman Oaks she had a run in with Madonna. Bobbi was oblivious to her fame but it caused enough of a scene to have Warren Beatty apologize to Bobbi.

In general Bobbi left celebrities alone unless they wanted to be noticed or engage in conversation.

Over the years she met and chatted with:

Robert DeNiro, Lena Horne, Ronald Reagan, Tony Roberts, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Sam Sheppard, Fred Gwynne, Christina Applegate, Brian Dennehey, the Olsen twins and the list goes on.