20 Years

On December 4th it will be twenty years since Bobbi departed. It is unreal. My life is so very different and I am blessed beyond measure but in many ways it is December 5, 2002. I miss her every day. 

Every year I think about taking this website down. I wonder if it is healthy. Then I see the number of hits on the site and I remember this website is not for me.

I started this site as a way to tell her story which became our story. I wanted to share images of Bobbi people had never seen and share facts many people did not know.


The days leading to December 4th I will mentally mark the timeline. I will remember our last show and our late night dinner afterward and how Nat King Cole played in the empty diner. I will recall the feeling which compelled me to roll over and kiss Bobbi that night. It was our last good night kiss. I will remember our last breakfast together before heading out onto the icy roads to our next show. 

On December 4th I will drift through my day chatting and interacting and probably performing. I will be intermittently present and mentally somewhere far away like moving through patches of fog. Later I will find a quiet moment alone and listen to the five songs which were played at her service. Songs chosen by her. I will listen and inevitably I will cry. There is not a day I do not think about Bobbi in some way. 

So there will be no fanfare, no gathering, no extraordinary event to mark this milestone of twenty years. It will simply pass as another day in December. But if you are reading this I trust you will take a moment to remember how Bobbi touched your life. And please let me know you visited. 

Thank you, 

 - Charles Peters