Selected footage from our trip to Singapore. We traveled with ten other acts to perform on various stages as part of MagicFest 2000.

Thank you to Robert Baxt for connecting us to the gig.

Here is what he wrote in the GUESTBOOK  about Bobbi:

"Ahhhh, there are more things to be said about Bobbi than can be typed on any web page. Mere letters arranged into printed words can never do her justice. But I do want to share at least this: I had the pleasure to travel to Singapore with Bobbi and Charles for an International Festival of Magic we did there. We were all in costume for a photo shoot for the media at a huge shopping mall one very hot day in Summer. As we finished with the reporters, photographers, and television crews and dispersed through the center I'll always remember an image I have of Bobbi frozen in my mind: She was dressed to the nines in an elegant gown making her way through the middle of this teeming horde of exotic and beautiful scantily clad asian women who were filling this place. With her flaming red hair the only different color from the thousands of brunettes, she stood out in the crowd like a sparkling ruby among a sea of pearls. And as she passed, the crowd parted for her and every head turned as if it had been choreographed. It was a scene out of one of the old time movies Bobbi loved. And I thought to myself "How often do any of us get to live as if in a movie in real life?" And I wished I could capture it from my perspective to show her that she had indeed been a real movie queen".


If you have traveled to Hawaii you have probably seen these vendors on the street. They have a collection of colorful macaws. They place them all over you and snap a photo. We were working on Holland America and made a port call in Maui. We had a great time. We rented a convertible for the day  drove to the other side of the island. I kept singing the theme to Magnum P.I. much to Bobbi's irritation. We had such a wonderful time we almost missed our ship. That would have been very embarrassing.

One of those "posed" photos that scream "Look at me. I'm a tourist!" We were in South Africa working Princess Cruises.